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The Statistical Analysis Group:
Transforming Data to Information

Mission Statement
With the tremendous amount of resources devoted to collecting data, our mission is to transform numbers into meaningful information to help you to make decisions and optimize your strategic directions. Using a broad spectrum of statistical techniques, from the simple to the sophisticated, we create value through analysis.

In addition to serving as co-owner and quality control manager for Refrac Systems, Dr. Hubele has provided problem-solving consulting services to over 50 professional firms and large organizations for a broad range of statistical problems:

  • Statistical expert witness testimonials, both rebuttal and affirmative, in an assortment of statistical topics, especially transportation safety
  • In-depth analysis of federal transportation databases covering over 30 years of crashes on national roadways including the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), the National Accident Sampling System (NASS), General Estimation System (GES) and Crashworthiness Data System (CDS)
  • Resources to estimate error bounds and assess statistical significance in transportation safety research
  • Comprehensive statistical analysis of large databases using sophisticated analysis tools for policy analysis and evaluation, including regression and logistic regression analysis
  • Technical report writing with evidence-based analysis
  • Short course development and delivery of statistical methods, especially manufacturing capability analysis, statistical process control and transportation safety research

Dr. Hubele served as Professor at Arizona State University for over 20 years. She has received accolades for her co-authoring a best-selling textbook Engineering Statistics (4th Edition, Wiley) and has published over 40 technical articles. She also served as the first Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University prior to assuming the position of Professor Emeritus in December 2006.

For more information contact:

Norma Faris Hubele, PhD
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