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Diffusion Bonding and Vacuum Hot Pressing
Brazed strut
Brazing is the process of joining two or more like metal sections or parts together using a filler metal. The filler metal has a lower melt point than the parent material, allowing it to wet and capillate through the joint before the parent material melts or distorts. The end result is a clean, strong, flux-free joint.

Refrac Systems focuses on thin filmvacuum brazing which offers many advantages including the reduction of residual stresses in the parent material, improved thermal and mechanical properties, and a clean bond joint with no discoloration or oxidation. Vacuum brazing also allows us to braze and heat treat in the same furnace cycle and to optimize part flatness and uniformity through the application of a static load. We have completed a wide range of vacuum brazing projects that includes:

  • aircraft engine diffusers
  • CNC tooling chucks
  • engine nozzles
  • advanced Stirling converter components

Diffusion brazing is a variant of vacuum brazing that incorporates a higher load into the brazing cycle resulting in the filler metal thinning into the parent metal and producing a joint with only trace amounts of the filler metal.  Applying the load also maintains the flatness of the parts and minimizes any distortion during the run.  Refrac Systems has pioneered the use of diffusion brazing to build complex internal cooling passages into plastic injection molds to optimize the molding cycle time.



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