Refrac Systems
Diffusion Bonding and Vacuum Hot Pressing
About Refrac Systems:

Mission and Core Values
Refrac Systems was founded to provide world-class, high quality and responsive vacuum metallurgical services to its customers. Our objective is to be the leading independent source of product engineering and fabrication resources, such as diffusion bonding and vacuum brazing, that can be used to optimize our customers’ product cost and product performance.

To do so, we place special emphasis on:
  • listening to, and understanding client project objectives
  • defining how our processes can contribute to meeting
  • client performance criteria
  • ensuring that we employ the highest quality methods in our work
  • providing clear and timely feedback throughout the development and/or production cycle

We have over 250 engineering man years of vacuum metallurgy and related experience. Refrac Systems’ primary focus is on applications for planar diffusion bonding and the utilization of special alloys for pioneering devices. We have completed projects that range from the basic heat treating of repaired aircraft engine parts to the fabrication of components for NASA.

Some specific projects are:
  • High temperature instrumentation for the Space Shuttle booster rocket
  • Internal cooling passages for injection mold blanks
  • Copper heat transfer systems for high power lasers
  • Stainless steel microfluidic flow control systems for gas chromatagraphs
  • Components for the Space Shuttle Canadarm and the Space Station environmental control system
  • Titanium and stainless steel hydraulic control components for robotic arms



6141 W ERIE ST CHANDLER, AZ 85226-2434
800-4REFRAC (800-473-3722) 480-940-0068 - FAX 480-940-9366

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