Refrac Systems
Diffusion Bonding and Vacuum Hot Pressing

Refrac Systems custom built a new, state-of-the-art 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in 1999. It was designed to meet our long-term needs, and includes a UV light controlled Class 10 clean room facility dedicated for part photomasking, exposure, and part stacking. The clean room has an adjacent chemical process and flammable solvent cleaning area with both explosion proof and acid resistant chemical fume hoods.

Refrac Systems runs as an EPA and City of Chandler approved and monitored "zero-discharge" metal processing facility, and strives to recycle all of its normal process materials and cleaning solvents wherever possible.

The facility electrical utilities provide for up to 5,000 amps of mixed 208 and 480 volt, 3-phase underground "all-copper" electrical power feeds overrated for continuous and highly reliable furnace operations. The facility also includes multiple redundant cooling towers with "back-up" water pumping systems with emergency electrical power supplies to allow for ultra safe and reliable furnace operation.

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Refrac Systems Furnaces Floor Refrac Systems Furnaces Lab and Chemical Clean Room
6141 W ERIE ST CHANDLER, AZ 85226-2434
800-4REFRAC (800-473-3722) 480-940-0068 - FAX 480-940-9366

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